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Foundation Thanksgiving for Veterans

Marking the unofficial start of the holidays at SGH, we returned to Piquette Square with a Thanksgiving feast for its residents. Located in Detroit, Piquette Square offers veterans of our armed forces a place to call home, providing them an apartment and support services while residing there.

A big part of the mission of our charity arm, the Sam and Nada Simon Foundation, is to support active-duty members of the military and veterans. Because of this, we bring meals and necessary items to places like Piquette Square several times each year. The team that stepped up to volunteer this time included Maritza Meiring, executive assistant to our CEO and founder, Alex Lahiff, a senior accountant, Ange Erickson, Fuel Automation Station director (visiting from Canada), and Joe Fell. Jr, our digital marketing coordinator.

We spent the afternoon serving a traditional Thanksgiving meal: Turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes, green bean casserole, salad, and pumpkin pie. Being able to break bread and convey our gratitude to these veterans always has a profound impact on our team. We thank everyone who made the day possible, from Randazzo’s catering to our team and founders, Sam and Nada Simon. Stay tuned for our return at Christmas.


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